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Reputation Management

Reputation Management & Marketing Services

We are experts in reputation management & marketing. Let's harness the power of your good online reputation. 

Do you have a business that needs to be seen by customers? Do you need more clients? Is your company struggling to build a solid online reputation? The answer is reputation marketing. It's time to take control of your online reputation. Our team will help you build your brand's reputation through marketing strategies that are proven to work.

Our SEO reputation management service is a personalized, strategic, and comprehensive approach to search engine optimization. Our team of SEO experts will help you build your brand, establish your credibility and protect your company's reputation. It is a proactive way to shape your branded search results, to influence your online reputation. The experts at CEO GPS will craft a campaign that gets you to the top of Google for your brand name and related keywords. We're the only company to help you with your SEO needs because we have a team of industry-leading experts who are focused on just one thing: your brand.

ORM and SEO are similar, but they’re not interchangeable. Let’s look at how they’re different.

ORM: ORM is a proactive approach to managing your online reputation. It’s about building a positive reputation and protecting your brand from negative reviews, comments, and social media posts. ORM is not just about removing negative content from the web. It’s about creating positive content that will rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). In other words, SEO is used to rank on multiple search engines for one website on many different keywords. With ORM, we use reputation management to rank many websites for a small set of branded keywords. In other words, with our SEO strategy, we want one website to rank on as many keywords as possible. ORM is trying to rank as many sites on the first page with positive reviews as possible.  

How SEO Reputation Management Works

How SEO Reputation Management Works

If you want to be found online, you need to have a strong SEO strategy. That’s why we offer a full range of SEO services, from keyword research and on-page optimization to link building and social media marketing. This will allow us to get the pages we need on the first page quickly ranking. We’ll help you build your online reputation with the best SEO practices. Google uses a formula called EAT, or (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), and following this will be critical in ranking results. The formula includes how informative, relevant, grammatically correct, etc, your site or page is. Negative search results rank because of density and subject matter. 

You must understand how these tie into your strategy to build a lasting brand. No matter how some feel about it, we must adhere to Google's standards. 

Reputation Management is Critical

Having a brand image that is known negatively can drastically affect your business in many ways. Your reputation dictates hiring, partnerships, generating new business, sales, and many other factors.

There are a few things that a negative reputation affects more than others. Let's take a look at a few of these: 

  • Website traffic: With nearly every human on the planet having a cellphone to look up anything they need, businesses must practice their best behavior or risk going out of business altogether. The customer can look up tons of other options at their fingertips. Because of this,  they are far more "choosy" than they were in the past. So, one bad review or testimonial about your company can greatly affect organic web traffic. As a result, your site begins to lose ranking positions, and eventually, if it isn't resolved, the company could fail. Along with organic traffic, PPC begins to experience the same loss. 
  • ROI on marketing dollars plummet: While your marketing is still gaining you some exposure after potential customers search around for reviews, you lose out on conversions you would've ordinarily closed. Decreasing your closing ratio and your overall ROI. 
  • Value of your business decreases: With the bad online reputation putting your business at risk for a decline in business, your company appears to be more of a liability. However, studies show that when a business does reputation and buries the negative image, investors and customers alike tend to overlook it. 
  • Can't hire quality employees: Recruiting top talent will be hard because they have tons of other options. They can work with companies with an excellent reputation which, if it's sales or business development, will make their lives much more accessible. So, talent acquisition will also pose a problem in digging your way out of this issue. 


Reputation Marketing

Steps To Minimize Damage Of Bad Reviews

Don't worry, this doesn't mean it can't be contained and minimize the damage if there is much after resolving the issue. Here are the steps we take.

  1. Keyword research: We do keyword research to identify keywords that will bring up negative reviews or bad publicity. Along with these we also look up keywords that are similar and things you aren't ranking on already. This will give us ways to drive good images to the same search query, resulting in the negative context being pushed further down on results. 
  2. Mapping the search landscape: We will then search for gaps in utilized or under-utilized opportunities. So we don't just bury the harmful content but access new ways to rank on these keywords positively. This will not only minimize the damage it could cause but also drive new business as well. 
  3. Branded ranking with on-page SEO: When you add your site to Google, you typically show up if you type in your company name. However, you may not rank on similar words or for reviews. Branded keywords are easy to get to the top with on-page SEO. Areas to focus on for assets are title tags, heading tags, internal links, website copy, image alt text, and website speed. 
  4. Content creation and using it for marketing: This is essentially using content to market your business. However, this isn't just starting a blog and stuffing your site with content. It's more about business assets such as social profiles, listings, and other platforms to increase visibility and notoriety. You must broaden your landscape to ensure things are balanced.
  5. Prime your social profiles to rank on Google: A strong presence on social media is critical in these days of Facebook and TikTok. Many customers now resort to social media when checking out a company to work with. Facebook and Instagram are typically more residential-oriented, focusing on homeowners and general consumers. LinkedIn and Twitter are more business-focused and use the platforms to network, get insight, or even become a staple in their industry. 
  6. Set up accounts on review platforms: There's nothing better to help your reputation from negative feedback than to bury it with good reviews and testimonials. Use this effectively by researching which review sites your target audience utilizes. To give insight on this, general consumers likely will use sites like Yelp, while corporations would use Trustpilot. However, there are many to use, and the more you actively get reviews, the better. 
  7. Start getting relevant backlinks: Backlinks show expertise in your industry. Search engines like Google see this and consider you an authority in your industry. Increasing your trustworthiness by constantly posting informative, relevant, and grammatically correct content will naturally allow you to gain backlinks relatively quickly. If you write a great blog that shows on the first page of Google, you will likely have backlinks coming in as well. 

SEO reputation management of marketing does not happen overnight, so start now!

Plenty of agencies will promise to do this type of marketing for pennies on the dollar only to leave you worse off than you started. This takes work and time; work with a company that will produce results and has a track record of success so that your marketing dollars aren't wasted and your reputation doesn't continue to suffer. 

SEO reputation marketing and management is a way to keep your online reputation viewed positively and avoid losing business due to negative reviews. CEO GPS is the most affordable marketing company in Roswell, GA. Call us a call and let us help at (470) 897-0703

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