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Marketing Success Stories

Scott's Treewurk Testimonial - Kennesaw, GA

Scott's Treewurk

Scott Wolkoff | Owner of Scott's Treewurk

Scott reached out to CEO GPS having issues with visibility online and, a very slow website, causing a lot of bounces. His phone had stopped ringing, and no appointments were being set. After evaluating the site, Chris found a lot of things that could be changed to fix the issues and gave them to Scott for free to let his marketing guy know what to do. A few weeks later he called CEO GPS again to see if we saw if the changes had been implemented. Things had gotten worse. Scott was losing backlinks at an alarming rate and he wasn't even showing up in his neighborhood. As Chris did the same, and gave him advice about what to change, Scott said he wanted to work with CEO GPS. 

After hiring us, we knew we had work to do but had no idea the extent of the issues. It took far longer than expected and Scott was worried that he was being charged a lot more. He called to ask and we let him know that he would not be charged more than our initial quote and that we would not take on another client until his website was fixed. 

In the meantime, we started generating leads for him by listing him with all of the listing sites we could get him on for free, setting up new social media accounts he didn't have and using them for posting ads to use for retargeting, and optimizing his Google listing. We found that his Google listing had the wrong appt link, which immediately generated results. We synced all of his information across social media, where there were wrong numbers, bad emails, and duplicate listings, that were incorrect and not being used.

We started a marketing strategy that included:

Website Redesign

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Scott was happy before we finished the website. When the website was complete and SEO was kicking in, Scott was showing up on search results on the first page of Google again. His first two jobs that came through our SEO strategy, were $18,000 and $24,000. If there is anything we are impressed with about this client, it's his ability to close jobs when we get him in front of people. It's incredible, to watch. So his closing skills help make us look even better. 

As we continue, things are consistently moving in an upward trajectory and we continue to see more success. Scott is one client who is easy to work with, and his efforts show. Just seeing his attitude change since we started shows tremendously. This is why our team at CEO GPS enjoys what we do and it's why we do this. 

So thank you, Scott, for your faith in us and allowing us to help and be a part of your success. We will continue to work hard to help you bring your goals to fruition and look forward to continuing to build on our relationship with Scott's Treewurk. 

Our Customer's Success is our Success

Google Review: Scott Wolkoff - Scott's Treewurk

What can I say about Chris...I have worked with other advertising companies for a few years... Chris has done more in the 3 months we've been working together than the other companies put together.

Other companies tell you what you want to hear... Chris makes it happen...
I see CEO GPS and myself working together for years to come...if he continues to do what he is doing there will be no reason for me to go elsewhere.

You can pay other companies to do mediocre work and get some business...or you can hire CEO GPS and be seen everywhere and get a lot more business...I prefer getting more business 

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Alpha Team Electric Testimonial - Kennesaw, GA

Matt Hostetler owner of Alpha Team Electric

Matt Hostetler |  Owner of Alpha Team Electric

Facebook Review: Matt Hostetler - Owner of Alpha Team Electric

"Chris really knows his stuff. Top notch service and most importantly his service pays off. My phone has been ringing like crazy since he took over my marketing. highly recommend  CEO GPS for any marketing needs!! "


Like most clients, Matt of Alpha Team Electric in Cumming, GA, had a less-than-favorable-gotten experience with a digital marketing agency. He me he was working with a few at the time, yet his site was far from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, hard to navigate, and was nowhere to be found on search engine search results. Luckily he is a great and affordable electrician, which allowed him to be successful using his thriving social media following. 

Since he was hired CEO GPS in October 2021,  we have optimized his website and gotten him the recognition his company and team deserve. Within two weeks, he was ranking on the second page of, searches and climbing on tons of keywords fast. I called to give him the excellent news, and he replied, "I noticed my phone was ringing a lot more lately but wasn't sure why." I was happy to tell him, "Well, now you know, but we aren't finished yet." I asked him who his biggest competition was when we started, and now he ranks right next to them on searches. 

Now Matt is on the first page of searches on any major search engine and on any keyword in his industry. Matt has been significant to work with, and it's been fun to watch his company grow and continue to become a brand name in Cumming, GA. I would like to thank Mr. Hostetler for all the trust he gave me to bring back to life. 

Finally a marketing company that works!

Our marketing strategies will boost the growth of your small business

This is awesome to see, and we would love to do this for you. We start with a marketing consultation to gather data and get an idea of the needs of your business. Once we have devised a plan of action, we will go over the detailed marketing strategy to ensure we are all on the same page. After hiring CEO GPS, the fun begins. We first establish a clear plan of attack by doing meticulous market research to establish the demand for your product or service in your area, who your target audience is and all of their preferences or spending habits, who your competition is, and what is or isn't working for them, and everything else down to how the season affects your industry at certain times of the year. 

Doing this tedious but necessary footwork allows our professional marketing team to set up a marketing plan that will, not only work efficiently but quickly. It will also be very cost-effective since we will already understand how your customers think and what works best to avoid "trying out" marketing channels wit nearly zero chance of success.

Once the marketing blueprint has been drawn up, we get your approval GA will put it into motion. Our team of experts will oversee all projects, keeping track of all data and analytics, not only to make necessary improvements but share with you how the master plan is progressing. After everything is operating smoothly, we will work with you and your team to find new innovative ways to bring in customers. Part of this is to help automate menial tasks to save time and allow our staff and you to optimize our processes to enhance productivity and better your brand.

CEO GPS is the best and most affordable marketing company in Roswell, GA that will produce fast and reliable results to grow your business. and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (470) 897-0703 to get started.   

Alpha Team Electric

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